About us

The legal and technical experts of the Internet Ombudsstelle (formerly: Internet Ombudsmann) are here to help you free of charge with disputes arising on the Internet and are happy to answer your legal questions on digital topics.

We offer dispute resolution and legal advice - free of charge and independent.

The Internet Ombudsstelle assists consumers when they have problems relating to online shopping and other digital topics (copyright, data protection law, right to one's own image, personal rights, etc.). The Internet Ombudsstelle is also an official Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity under the Austrian Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (Alternative-Streitbeilegung-Gesetz).

Our objective is to increase people's trust and confidence in digitialization. To reach this goal, we work with public authorities, consumer protection institutions, special interest groups and the Internet industry both nationally and internationally.

The "Internet Ombudsstelle" is a project carried out by the non-profit association "Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications" (ÖIAT). Our ongoing professional activities are made possible by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and the Federal Chamber of Labor.

The Team of Internet Ombudsstelle

Dr. Karl Gladt, MA

Head of Internet Ombudsstelle・Senior Mediator

Irem Hölzl, LL.B., CIPP/E

Senior Mediator

Tugba Karlitepe, cand. iur.


Maria Benc, cand. iur.


Declan Hiscox, Bakk.


Minu Makil, cand. iur.


Franziskus Laurer, cand. iur.


Stefanie Kindler, BA, Bakk. rer. nat.

Organisation . Case management

Ing. Mag. Bernhard Jungwirth, M.Ed.

Managing Director ÖIAT

Our most important milestones


We are founded as "Internet Ombudsmann"

In December 1999, the "Internet Ombudsmann" is founded as the first out-of-court dispute resolution body in Europe specializing in e-commerce. The project is initiated by the non-profit organisation "Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications" (ÖIAT) under the leadership of Jürgen Gangoly. The founding partners include the Chamber of Labor, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, VKI, ISPA, and the Ministries of Justice, Consumer Protection and Economics.


Winner of the State Prize for public relations

To raise awareness and inform consumers about current problems in the digital world has been one of the core tasks of the "Internet Ombudsman" project from the very beginning. As early as 2000, the Internet Ombudsman received the State Prize for Public Relations.


The public sector funds the Internet Ombudsmann

Since 2004, the Federal Ministry (Ministry of Social Affairs), which is responsible for consumer protection, has been the main sponsor of the Internet Ombudsmann. This funding ensures the continuity of the "Internet Ombudsmann" project.


10 year anniversary of "Internet Ombudsmann"

In November 2009, the Internet Ombudsmann celebrated its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, the Minister of Consumer Protection Rudolf Hundstorfer invited us to a reception at the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.


Launch of the fraud prevention project "Watchlist Internet"

Damages due to Internet fraud are increasing and can rarely be compensated or traced back once they happend. That is why the Internet Ombudsmann launched the fraud prevention platform "Watchlist Internet". Editorially prepared and researched, search engine optimized warnings inform consumers about current online traps.


State-recognized dispute resolution body for consumers

As the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (AStG) comes into force in January 2016, the Internet Ombudsmann is named as one of eight officially recognized consumer dispute resolution bodies in Austria.


Our renaming to "Internet Ombudsstelle"

Internet Ombudsmann becomes "Internet Ombudsstelle". The renaming is accompanied by a newly designed and majorly expanded online presence. Consumers in Austria now have access to a comprehensive knowledge base on digital consumer protection.


Dr. Karl Gladt, MA

Head of Internet Ombudsstelle

gladt@ombudsstelle.at | +43-1-595 2112-0


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